Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ahead of my Game

Yup. that's right. Over my lifetime, I've been told I am an over-achiever, a Personality Type A, and having perfectionist tendencies. Just because I finished all my projects for the year didn't mean I could stop. My closet is still full. And I am still able to quilt.

I continue to hand quilt the table runner and spent time cutting and piecing some scrappy blocks for the back of the blue Bird Quilt.

After joining these into 8 rows, I set it aside and returned to the table runner. 

Another thing I did recently was to join a quilt-along group using a Moda pattern. Its for a scrappy quilt, so it touches on two of my interests, scrap quilting and house blocks.

The hardest thing about any scrap quilting is selecting fabrics. For instance the blues in that back have just enough contrast colors to make it interesting. 

The new quilt-along isn't a mystery quilt for one reason that I am so far behind the group and was able to down load the patterns. I printed off the general finishing information and the first row of 4 blocks. Because it is a scrappy quilt, each block breaks out what is needed to make the house and accessories. Then quilters look through their stash and select what is needed, block by block.

As I looked at pictures of the work others posted, some used one background fabric and others used a different one for every block. That has to be the way I go because I simply do not have any neutrals to do it any other way.

For whatever reason, this is as close as I can get to being random. Its as close as I can get to being artistic. All I know is that when I quilt, I do the best I can and just hope it turns out. Actually, every once in awhile, I didn't like a finish, but let it go. That is huge for me. But it has to happen sometimes.