Sunday, November 27, 2016

Annual Shopping Trip

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is my annual shopping trip to Bakersfield, where I go to Cost Plus Market and then out to lunch. Its easy to drop a couple hundred dollars. Among things I bought, were a couple of birthday gifts, teas, a jar of ginger jam, a Winter Sweater for my Cat, a Panetonne, a soup mix, and a 12-pack of Winter Beers. All of these are items I cannot get in town. Then I went to a movie, and by the time I got home, it was snowing!

I am working on binding the last quilt of the year. It is truly a scrap quilt, but really lovely. It is my hope to finish it and get it shipped off by Tuesday. I need to wrap one of the birthday gifts for mailing, finish some exchanges for Swap-Bot and address my holiday cards. 

It is also the weekend that I put up the indoor lights. The weather turned so darned cold and windy that first of all, I am glad the grass project is complete, and then second, when it gets nice again, I want to take up last year's fairy lights and replace the portions that don't work. I really love having the back garden lit.

This is what I traditionally do the weekend after Thanksgiving.

I thought about the UFO project list and know I've given each of them a month. I won't pressure myself by saying they will be finished. It is a month to work on them and at least bring them through another step. It seems that this will honor the process of what I do.