Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Quilt-Along Color Choices

With the first two blocks done, I started cutting for the next two blocks. These are big blocks when finished, take more material than I thought. I keep looking at the tree in the first one and don't like the lighter green in it. I wonder how much work it would be to rip it and add two other pieces.

The concept of do-over is interesting anyway.

I also printed off the next row of blocks and browsed group pics in order to get a feel for what works and what didn't. There are two of the blocks that I am not wild about, but after browsing, do have a better idea of what I can make. It is my hope that there is enough fabric to finish this using the various reds, and blues. Of course, other colors exist on the quilt but are meant to be more in the background.

After using the kids/nationality flags material, I think they just get lost. If I had more solids to work with, that busy print would find its voice. They just get lost in what I have to work with. I fear I have limited myself by saying this would be patriotic and pulling out the reds and blues. I am already asking myself what I was thinking. Well it will evolve as it does, and I will simply be ok with however it turns out.

I love scrap quilting and love shopping from my closet.