Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Row 3 for the ROM

Attitude shapes the quality of our lives. Some people put endless people, things or events in front of their goals; they see themselves as failures. And if we do not challenge ourselves, then we stay stuck. If, however, we remain positive or find something positive in our life, well, then a whole new set of realities emerge.

Wow. And jeeze. Doing machine appliqué is not easy. This is a scrap quilt, so the pattern instructions say what one needs but it is up to the quilter to audition colors. That was the first part.

Then its tracing the pattern backwards on that iron on sheet, cutting shapes out and pressing them onto the scraps. Next is to cut those shapes and put them on the 12.5" block. Each block is essentially similar to the others, yet has its own look.

Of course, the next stage to this work is to switch out to a neutral thread and take each of those blocks and engage. I really got behind with this month's row because I set my priorities to finish my family holiday gifts first. I've done that, though am still working on the last few nights of work.

This machine appliqué quilting is not something I would choose yet it comes up for these mystery quilts. I am getting more experience with it. However my attitude regarding them continues to evolve.