Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Its the small things

I worked on the Grinchmas holiday stocking for a number of hours and am still not done with it. Jeeze, it has been a real challenge. I guess whomever wrote that pattern assumed more sewing skills than I have.

Then I pulled out my scraps because it was a mug rug that I promised one of my godSons, and the stocking is just extra. The quilting is just a diagonal stitch. There were very small strips of green left to add as a border. The back is that stripe. 

I turned my attention to the two prayer flags for Swap Bot exchanges. This first one celebrates Transformation or change in life. I pulled out the stash and had nothing that was 6" wide so I put two pieces together and cut them so each measures 3".

This prayer flag celebrates Truth to the Core and Optimism for the Sagittarius New Moon. I want the big button to show an archery stand for the Archer who is the symbol for the energy. It goes out in today's mail.

I have a fair amount of hand work to do this season, and am grateful for my Ott Lite. I kicked back and watched some old TV shows. What I am doing is not pressing to ship but is just part of the WIP or work in process on a variety of projects.

I have been looking at larger block patterns. The most simple example I found joins the larger blocks to make them look random. It calls for 5 different fabrics at a yard each that range from light to dark.