Saturday, November 19, 2016

Quilting for the Future

It is said that we feel the most anxious when we live in the future and when we are depressed, its because we are living in the past.

I took the list of 2017 UFO's from my sidebar on this blog, and brought out the first three projects from the bins in my closet. Oh of course, I had to take out the bins, go through them and stack them back in the closet. One emptied to hold two of the projects, now WIP (works in progress) rather than UFO's. 2017 has begun. 

This one is a table runner I started making for Mother many years ago. It needs hand quilting and then binding. Mother has gone to a nursing home and can no longer use this where she is. I cannot believe how hard it is to return to this particular project. I could say I am anxious because I don't know what to do with it when it is finished. However, closer to the truth is that I am sad and bordering on being depressed about it. Am I living in the past? Maybe. Its not that I didn't finish it for her in time, its that life moved on and isn't finished between us. It needs hand quilting and so will be a start/stop project until all three of the stars and the first row of stitches around the center are done.

The next one requires embroidering 15 blocks state birds/flowers, so that too is hand work. The third project needs a back. Somewhere I decided to gather up all the blues in my stash. I think I will simply cut 8.5" squares and join them to fit. Then, from all the blues, there will be enough to make binding strips. That project will be the easiest to complete.