Thursday, July 30, 2015

Back of the Quilt

Dramatize it! Dramatize it!

Well, not for most things. However, when it comes to Halloween quilts or decor, that makes me smile. I rather like The Great Pumpkin quilt. The front of it started with a panel and the back of it is a horizontal print. I was able to cut it in half length-wise, join it (see that orange that looks almost a solid?) and then it fit top to bottom, but not side to side. I added more of that black with orange dot as overage for side borders, though most might be trimmed. It is ready for basting on Friday. It will only work as a throw over a chair or one side of a sofa and will be easy enough to shadow quilt the main panel and maybe just the frames of the smaller ones and then borders.

I have an idea that leftover strips of these fabrics can be used in a mug rug so that they will not get tossed. I think I love this holiday best of all and love these fun, fun novelty prints.

It is smart to check the back of the tops for loose threads and seams that need reinforcing. After finishing this one, I went back to do the Constellations quilt, however, it was done. Both are ready for basting.