Monday, July 6, 2015

Charlie Brown!

A couple of years ago I bought a Great Pumpkin panel thinking I'd make a quilt out of it for my younger Grandson. Guess there is an age window for appreciating this TV show, and he was not in it. I folded it up and put it in a storage bin. My younger Sister posted something on Facebook that she loved the story, and so I started collecting fabrics I thought might go with it and put it back on my list to make for 2015. 

Panels can be great. Panels can also be challenging. Sometimes you find fabrics in a kit and that makes it easy. I didn't take the easy route. So far, the main piece and 16 smaller pieces are framed with an orange print, with a black frame is around the entire center. Its trimmed and squared. Thing is with a printed panel like this one, the parts to it are not ideal and sides get lost in the cutting. I did find the recommended pattern for it online so was able to cut the orange frames quite easily. 

And I also have a wavy stripe fabric as the next border. It needs special cutting to match the lines and will work best if it is mitered. Ah hah... another lesson coming up.

This quilt should be easy to run machine stitches on all of the borders and then I'd like to hand quilt the larger center piece. I've put dark thread into the machine again and plan to do a few more Cats until the thread runs out.