Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 5 - Not Quilting

Change is something not everyone likes because it usually brings chaos first. And so it does.

 I was not content with how cluttered the shelves were looking as I alphabetized the for-sale books. I took down the books on all shelves in that first bookcase so it would be free for me to stack books listed online for sale in alpha order. It meant moving everything around. They still look chaotic because they are not finished. The dust! Holi Ka! 

I took all the quilting books and magazines filling half the 3rd shelf in the 3rd bookcase and moved them into the studio for stacking in here. And I pulled more from the 1st and 2nd bookcases that I am willing to release and sell. 
Obviously, as books get listed, they will be put in alpha slots for easy retrieval. Its still pretty much a WIP (quilting term for work in progress). Needless to say, its more the state of chaos right now than it is anything that is or looks completed.

Then, another thing I am doing that is NOT-quilting is that I joined a group called PostcrossingIt is a post card exchange with people from around the world. I printed off the five profiles for people I send to going in Monday's mail. Its another activity I will enjoy. My people for the first round come from Germany, China, the Russian Federation, the Czech Republic and one here in the states living in Maryland. Here is a link for more information.