Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Winter Solstice in July / Day 2

Waist bands are not easy. I cut according to the pattern, and then decided to make them longer. The apron is made from several FQs so adding another fabric is perfectly ok. It did mean, however, that the waist bands need to be cut in half to accommodate the additional pieces, front and back. 

I am not sure how this sewing would have worked if I was making the apron under stress for time. Aprons are simply difficult to make, and take time to do the pfutzy steps. Luckily, one of my Quilt Block swap partners just sent me two FQs in beige, so the waist band went together quite nicely. It took most of the morning to do on the apron, which is probably why adding the waist band is the last step, but now, this one is finished. Even the threads are clipped on it. This was actually the fourth apron using this pattern that I have made. I am putting the pattern away and will not make another from it, at least for awhile.

While I brought out another apron to work on, and looked at what was next, I admit to feeling like I had done enough for the day. Someone told me recently that my "stop doing list needs to be longer than my to-do list". I honor that today and am really happy.