Sunday, July 19, 2015

Purple? Hmmm

My partner for the table runner asked for purples and said she was ok with greens and vanilla with the purples. Well, with only one Charm Pack with any kind of purple in it to chose from in town, I am doing my best to make it happen. Luckily, she is ok with the greens and vanilla, and hopefully that camel-color as well.

I used a FQ in purples to do a border and the same fabric will make the binding. I pushed myself to finish this top because I am hand quilting it. My machine quilting is so awful yet that I want to make this as nice as I can. First of all, the pattern is pretty simple and secondly, the charm pack doesn't 'read' as purple as my partner might have wanted. Purple runs through many of the squares so I am probably being picky. While it seemed squared, I measured & trimmed so that I was sure the lengths and widths were equal to each other. A gorgeous purple is on the back and the quilting thread is leftover from my Granddaughter Baylee's grad quilt last year. Its going along smoothly and might take a few more nights to finish. 

Unfortunately, in order to do and finish this one, my other projects have been put on hold. The more this happens, the more convinced I am that stepping back from these swaps is a good thing for me. As soon as this table runner and the blocks are done for this month, I can focus on my personal quilts and other projects.

When I first took on the swaps, it was done so I could gain experience, make new friends and get a variety of fabrics for the blocks. All that has happened and now its time to move forward with a different agenda.

It feels like more of the minimizing work I've been doing. I am always reading people say they are buying more and doing more and its not where I want to be. Its not that I want to do less as much as I want to enhance what I am doing.