Saturday, July 25, 2015

Winter Golfers Quilt

This quilt is modified & created according to the material I had on hand. It started with part of a panel my friend Carol gave me (4 blocks on the panel), continuing by coordinating fabric that came from Lee's estate & using a pattern that turned out perfectly for the project. I am loving it!

I kept doing this one, step by step, trimming, cutting fabrics that were in the 'kit' I had made from coordinating fabrics, measuring to add a border and another. As it evolved, I kept wondering what would happen if I tried this or that, and found myself using up the fabrics as they would seem to fit. The original pattern I took some cues from calls for appliques on that white-ish fabric in the middles of the sides, top and bottom. (trees on the sides, lines top & bottom)

The top borders are on now and so I have to figure out what the appliques will be and will look like. There is enough fabric for something. I may try something like a simple star block. The quilt fits across the top of my queen size bed so is a nice size for a personal nap / lap quilt. Binding is cut, and something has to show up for the back. Back to the pattern ideas for what to put into spaces as appliques. These photos do not do the quilt top justice. It has so many parts to it, using up scraps. I have a lot more that didn't go into it. I want to buy 4 yards for the backing to keep it simple for quilting. Maybe flannel. Maybe not. I have time. It is still July.

This is more the kind of quilting I want to do, sort of more free flowing, and definitely something where I can use up the fabric I have. As soon as I decide upon those appliques for the spaces on that white-ish fabric, I need to spend time cutting the scraps from this quilt into those 10"-2.5" blocks. 

Meanwhile, more work on Amy's Cat Quilt. This stage pins more sewing lines from the back. I have got to get it done!!!