Saturday, July 18, 2015


My new cat thinks he's my helper. What he does is to get me to rest. How he does it is to get into tight places so things fall, and hearing the crash, I have to come see what happened. It is not my preference to give negative attention so before 'running into the crisis', I make some educated guesses about what might have happened.

Funny thing about cats, they know how to make their people run. Eventually he got tired of it all and snuggled into his bed. I put it on the highest storage shelf in the room so he had to climb to get there. My house, my rules. For today.

I was able to join the two halves of the flannel backing, and next need to measure to make sure its the correct size. Its folded now and I'll make an appointment at the clubhouse to baste it. Next week is busy and so it will work better for me in two weeks. 

I did another couple of rounds on the blocks & table runner that are for various swaps this month. Its piece, unpin, press, pin again. Everything is getting real close and should be ready to ship at least by Tuesday.

Most quilters have a theory about accuracy. While most patterns do not say so, they work best with a scant 1/4" seam, which is a few threads off the 1/4" line. Its dang hard to be accurate with a minute measurement and if you are not, then the block size is off.

Pinning is second on my list, that helps nests seams at the corners. Next comes the spray starch. My preference is Mary Ellen's Best Press. And of course, pressing the work up and down rather than ironing side to side.

Sometimes I blog about these steps almost as a reminder. However, they are my helpers and as I said, I would prefer not to give attention to the negatives. I just get in trouble with my own silly self.