Friday, July 17, 2015

One Step Forward

Usually when a sentence begins with that phrase, what follows is 'two steps back'. Today was easy piecing.

I pressed the Constellations quilt to ensure the seams were joined correctly (found two that need reinforcing) and clipped forgotten threads. Its a bigger quilt measuring 80" by 90", and so it took awhile on the ironing board. I pre-washed the flannel for the back to equalize it with the 100% cotton on the front. There is a 3% shrinkage for batting, and it just seems to me wise to plan ahead for some of it. The two Color Catchers did their job and pulled out loose dyes which might have tinted white pieces on the front with a pale but dark blue dye. It is pinned to piece tomorrow. One step forward.

With all the blocks-for-swaps segments pinned, they were easy to chain stitch, and are actually four different blocks, plus the table runner, so it helped to busy me most of the day. My next step is to press and pin again.