Thursday, July 16, 2015

Starting Anew

All beautiful things take time. Telling the difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow may be easy for some people, however, it isn't that easy until you learn to draw the line between then and now. 

I wonder where yesterday ended and today began even when I stay awake. It isn't a ringing gong at midnight. Its a point in time that is more flexible and stretchable. One minute you look up and everything has changed. Yesterday is gone. Choices are made. Done is done.

Good mental health is living in the moment.

With that in mind, I pulled out my to-do list, selected patterns for the block swaps I am in, and put together the fabric colors each of my partners requested, spent time cutting and have the pieces pinned ready to join.

The flannel fabric for the Constellations quilt arrived and is lovely! Its from Robert Kaufman so the feel and quality of it is divine. I'll get to the seams it needs and then make an appointment to baste it some time next week.

I am back quilting, and have a very clean & organized house, plus gardens, yards and the outside of the house in tip-top shape. Love it. In a few days, my monthly schedule will have me handling paper projects, and then Winter Solstice gifts. I like the rhythm I've set in place now, which should hold a few months or maybe even for a year.