Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Winter Solstice in July / Day 1

As I looked in the drawers where I keep my Winter Solstice projects, I found some pot holders and oven mitts with Insul Bright pieces. I was given some left-overs of it recently that added to this stash. There was an empty box containing books that are now listed, so I put all the Insul Bright and the projects into it, labeled it and found a place in the closet. I think it will be a good project box for next year. 

I am going to stick with small sewing projects for this year. Aprons are actually more difficult than one would think. I re-arranged these projects so that the aprons to be finished are in the top drawer: One for my younger Son's lady; next is a ruffled one for my older Granddaughter; and one is a heart-shape for Granddaughter #2. Also, there are two holiday tree wallhangings for my Sons. Its JULY!

Things get interesting from that point. This represents fabric I set into a drawer for projects. Blues go to bluework as does the fabric adhesive. I've included the pattern and given them their own bag. Its a project for next year as well.

The red/gold/white print is a panel that will make a holiday tote. I need to get a tote pattern out even if I use it only for a guide, and then find fabric for lining and straps. 

The small cut pieces are being added to a quilt project whether or not that was my original thought. No notes to self, this is what happens. Looks like they had been 5" charms cut in half, and then one half cut in half again. What was I thinking? 

The pins are for folded ornament balls.

But then what are all these more colorful pieces with the butterflies, purple, yellow and hearts? I'll keep them out for awhile in hopes they jog my memory, and of course, I am writing many notes to self about what I do know is there. Jeeze the time it takes to remember! I am getting better at labeling my projects, so I don't have to spend this much on them figuring out what they are, and who will get them. 

I feel sad for anyone who has to go through someone's stuff and they have no idea what goes with what or what the plans were. Sometimes I feel sad for myself when I find my own things in this state! Like most people, I think I will remember.

Time. I never turned on the sewing machine, nor did anything with the fabric. It will be easier tomorrow.