Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Getting Started Again

Someone once told me that we judge our progress according to our own standards. We have to run our own race, sing our own song, and quilt our own quilts.

I didn't look at my projects again until later in the afternoon. I mowed the patch of lawn in the back, made a few food items for the fridge that I can munch on for the next few days, opened & answered mail before I was ready.

All the WIP projects are here. My sidebar tells me what I am doing for the month. The block swaps need to go out VERY soon. Re-entry is actually hard. I never even considered that it was hard. I thought I would jump right in as soon as breakfast was over and quilt until dark. Some of these will go back into the closet. For instance Constellations is in the foreground and I am waiting for the material order to come for the back.

I want to do the next round of repair on the Cat Quilt seams. Its getting close and will soon be ready to take in to the store for the long arm. 

As I look at my opening quote on today's blog, I wonder what exactly is the standard I use to judge my progress. I didn't turn on the sewing machine. I didn't cut anything to make the blocks for my swaps. I've been comparing my connection with quilting to having an addiction and I am not sure about that any more. All I did today was bring out the projects I am working on and look at them.