Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 6 - Not Quilting

Once I realized how many areas of my house and yard needed work that have been neglected because of my focus on quilting, it seemed easier to get the work done during this week because I have taken time away. It was an opportunity to embrace. And in truth, because of the diversity of tasks, the obsession I feel towards quilting seemed less today. 

Well, for part of the day. For a person to deny that they have an addiction of any kind could be part of the addiction. I do not think it is easy to face. To fight thinking about it is still thinking about it. As the week progressed, it was like the cliche of an angel and a devil on each of my shoulders battling for my sanity. Voices telling me to quilt or not to quilt were constantly zapping me.

It was important for me to get outside while the weather was cooler this morning and before the sun was so bright I couldn't see what I was doing. Three years ago, the house was painted a dark, yummy chocolate over a very light & faded pastel green. Over those years, I had been noticing some of the light color showing through where the siding panels joined, and so got the paint out, stirred it and went around the house touching up where needed. It will most likely be good for several more years now.

Its not like the job took long, and was one of those things that wasn't important, so for three years, it had gone undone. I am not sure anyone else noticed. 

It always takes longer to prep and clean up paint than it does to do the work. I threw away the sponge and small rag rather than spend time cleaning. (I do have a lot of new rags from my old clothes.) I would have seen this as ecologically UN-sound some years ago, but that was then and this is now. 

One thing I have learned is that I can only do what only I can do, and that I really have to prioritize my energy expenditures to maximize it all.

Then I came back in to finish setting up the bookcases. I've made enough space on the bookcase in the Entry and the Northside bookcase for more books I want to list for sale. And in moving them around, I pulled off even more that I am ok to release. And yes, I alphabetized the 'keeper' books at the same time. My pile of books to list actually tripled. Some will list, some will need to be given away if they are not worth selling. However, when a book sells, it does provide a bit of income, and goes to someone who either wants or needs it.

These are the art supplies that had been on the Northside and need to go on the Southside bookcase where most things on it are 'keepers' right now or just books I haven't gone through yet. I won't do much sorting on it for now.

Just a little dusting. Maybe.

Its not that I dislike housework. I actually do keep at it all the time, and enjoy the benefits of having a clean home and being organized. These bigger tasks I've been doing this week have just gone undone for far too long.

Part of what happens for me is that I keep thinking I will get to what needs doing, and then I put it off. Quilting drew me away from housework because it seems like it is a much more worthy activity. Quilting satisfies my soul, provides an opportunity for artistic expression, and a way for me to connect to family members. Few people see my home, and fewer yet would notice the house unless it was really trashed.

Well, one more day to go.