Friday, July 3, 2015

Constellation Border

The border pieces are proving to go on easily. I wasn't sure how they would match up, and have been avoiding the project. Lately, I've been reading comments about looking at your own quilt with soft eyes. One said that if if looks ok hanging on a fence as you ride your horse past it, you've done a good job.

The quilt needs the two side sections of the border segments pieced and added to the body of it, so I am waiting til then to take a picture. More than likely, the next pic will be when I take it to the clubhouse to baste.

I am feeling the pull of Summer time laziness. The flurry of swap blocks started again, and what surprised me is that two of my partners are asking for 'any star block' and in almost the same color combinations. The focus color for both of these swaps is a jewel toned aqua. And this swap comes in time for me to take advantage of the first Friday sale for fat quarters. With all the fabric I do have, it seems that there is always one color I am missing.

After making the swap blocks, I'll cut the rest of the fat quarters into those smaller squares. This kind of block is called a 'postage stamp'. It will be fun putting one together. From what I've read, you can make them into 6 across x 6 down pieced blocks, so the fabric lays easier in the closet. These blocks, shown above as an example & not my work, are made up of (36) 2.5" squares. I really do want to finish the quilts that I've started before getting to one of these. There are so many options and patterns available however, my goal is to make them uber simple. I would rather not start one until I am sure that is how I want it made. Once the squares are committed to the project, then there is no going back on it.