Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Funny Me

I went down to the big city with my list, however, what I had written down was the number of packages I have, not what I needed, so came away with one package less. And dang, they were on sale too. Oh well, there is time to buy one more, and maybe there will be leftovers to make up the third quilt. 

Luckily, The Great Pumpkin quilt came along for color matching because I didn't buy olive green as I thought I might but got an off-orange with a light dot, and a black with an orange dot. Its going to be a nice little throw. 

My day in the city was exhausting. An hour on the road, two hours getting my eyes examined and glasswear ordered, a little lunch, then almost two in the fabric store, back to the optical store to pick up my glasses, and on the road for another hour. I am not fond of shopping, though the drive is nice.

I came home thinking I would quilt. I guess its quilting to buy fabric and to load thread onto bobbins. Because the fabric choices were different that originally planned, new calculations were required for the width of each border, and also a bit of thought to keep it looking like comic book pages. I got enough of the black to go between the yellow and orange and again between the orange and what I have for the binding. I am not sure how the back will work, but have enough of the black to do that comic book framing back there too. I would like this quilt done to baste on Friday.