Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Into the Closet

Going into my closets reminds me of the movie "Into the Woods" where all sorts of adventures await. And John Muir who said that "The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness." So it is with closets. A wilderness.

Mine are filled with storage containers of fabrics, projects in bags with or without notes-to-self. I plan to go into the big city soon and want to check out what I have or don't have in my stash before buying something more. I have a list.

My batting supply is down to one package of cotton and two packages of wool. 

If I complete all the quilts on my list for this year, it seems that I will need three more packages of batting. Next year is another story. First things first. I do not want to buy anything that needs storage. I need those three to finish up now.

Most of my fabric were pieces that came from friends or estates of friends. Each time, I sort things into 'kits' of measured matching fabric with pattern ideas. I pulled everything out and sorted into projects that I might get to this year...or not, made lists of the contents and set them back for another day, with huge notes-to-self on every container so I don't have to take it apart when I go looking. There are a LOT of 'kit' projects. And now there is an order for me to see and to pull out when I want something to do. Only one of them is a UFO (UnFinished Object). All the others are simply bagged fabric coordinated with a pattern. Easy for anyone to see.

I am making a promise to myself. Is that a vow? Maybe so. The promise is to make up what I have in 'kits' and only buy supplemental fabrics (and of course batting) to finish them.

My next task was to, once again, go through the bins of fabric scraps and cut them into easy squares. The only bin I went through held Halloween fabric. I didn't cut into anything that was larger, but went through the smaller pieces. The bin I am using for those sizes is stuffed. Next, there are two smaller boxes overflowing. It seems like a continuing process that seems more manageable if it is a regular event.