Friday, July 31, 2015

Basting Friday

I am taking two quilts into the clubhouse to baste. One is considerably larger than the other, and yet both will go quickly. I've got the system for this step down after all these years. I try not to take anything for granted in what I do, because as sure as the sun comes up in the morning, being a little arrogant can cost a person.

I've pressed both tops and bottoms, checked the seams, and put one of the batting into the dryer to ease out the wrinkles. The other one goes in too. When the manufacturer packages the batting, they fold and press it tightly for easy shipping and shelf sales. Those creases come out with just a little tumbling and heat. 

The table runner for the swap is completed too, with even the required label on the back with my name, the date, the name of the swap and the name of the runner on it. It turned out larger than I thought but did use up all the charms from the pack. I've noticed that some folks are including other gifts with theirs and I am not sure what my plans are. I will head to the PO on Tuesday of next week so there is plenty of time to consider what I want to do.