Monday, July 20, 2015


My working with paper (not the paper piecing) project for this month was listing more of my books for sale on Amazon, and then sorting the ones I had listed in alpha order on the shelves for easy retrieval. It was really exciting for me to have finished this project.

This has been a huge undertaking that is complete for this year. I own hundreds and hundreds of books, and have donated many to the library, thrift stores and even to friends. This represents a few of my book cases and I am done for now. 

My goal is to list all my books so that those worth selling are out there. Its surprising the number of people who still want hard copy books. Just because they are listed doesn't mean they WILL sell, but unless they are offered, no one knows I have them. 

I've thinned out my personal library over the years, releasing books that I am either never going to read again or do not need or want for resources. Sometimes its hard to part with them because they are like old friends. It was a task long over due. It feels so good to have it done for the year.

It always seems that when I have something undone (quilters call them Unfinished Objects or UFOs), the stress of avoiding the task takes more out of me than if I just handled it. Now this project is done. Everything is in our control at unconscious levels and we do create our own reality. When something I leave undone actually harms me, it shouldn't fall the bottom of my list but better rises to the top.

Harm is an interesting word. It harms me to want to do something and put it off. The longer I put something off, the more guilt settles in and the more I start sending myself subconscious messages that I am 'failing' myself. Well, done is done. At least until it rubs me the wrong way.