Sunday, July 5, 2015

Changing Projects

With all my recent inner angst about my quilting skills, I realized that rather than trusting myself to keep evolving, it was too easy to fight that same battle again and again. That started to immobilize me. While I enjoy watching some movies more than once, in life, I do not like having to learn the same lessons over. With practice, not only do I keep shaping my life and goals, I keep learning this fabric art.

And this is a key comment. I am still learning. These are practice pieces. Nothing is really ever perfect.

Rob's Quilt is getting packaged to ship out this week. I thought it would wait til the cooler months until I realized how often I pull a quilt over me when the AC kicks on. Its good to go. The Constellations quilt top is done, the back fabric is ordered and so it is set aside to wait.

One of the newer swaps I am in is for a finished table runner. My partner selected the rectangular version of the two shape options in purples. We are to use a charm pack, and I made sure it was ok to use a good quality fabric for the background pieces and also purchased a lighter lilac for the back and binding. The HSTs are cut and pieced. After playing with layout, I think this one will work for my eye. Some of the pieces had more blue and other colors to them, and while they were made up, they fought too much for attention, and so I settled on these. Purple is a strong color and while there are lights, mediums and darks here, it seems that the darks take over. Also, there are solids, small prints and one large print. The difference between making a quilt and making a smaller piece is that the quilt invites a lot more variety. I've got pairs pinned for the next step. I would like to hand quilt this one too, so must keep it going.