Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 4 - Not Quilting

My plan to minimize isn't overwhelming. My expectations are.

There are left-overs from each of the projects I've been doing. And for whatever reason, going back to work on any of them to complete the original task seems like a big chore. 

Books-for-sale fill an entire book case and several additional shelves. This took a lot longer to alphabetize than I thought it would. The project is done and next, I have to start consolidating the rest the bookcases and see if I am able to release more of them.

The sorting solution for that stack of periodicals was to place them onto the Friends of the Library shelves and let FotL sell them. The quilting magazines & a few other odd periodicals are on a top shelf in my studio, and no work is needed for them, because I don't feel like more browsing or sorting or dusting.  your-guilt-free-guide-taking-mental-health-day

I have been wondering if the quilting I do is like any addictive drug, where by cutting off my supply to it triggers a sudden drop in the release of the feel-good brain chemicals. If this is true, and I continue to think it is, then if I stay away from it too long, the lack of the feel-good chemicals could very well start bringing in a lack of energy resulting in sadness. Its not like there is a helper-drug to get me through. 

I've been considering the associative words like 'obsession', or 'withdrawal' and think I am feeling both of them. I want to say that its not so bad, and then know that 'denial' is yet another word people who are addicted use. What I think is funny is how we (quilters) use the word 'stash' which was always associated with users who hid their bottles, food or drugs. Maybe, however, quilters have made this a good thing to have and show their pride. 

As time goes on, I wonder if there is a value in maintaining the non-quilting days for a full week. I wonder if my desire to stop it all of a sudden signals my addiction or if not-quilting is beginning to wear on me. I decided to turn my attention to out of the house activity for my next day. That will get me out of the studio and really-really away from any fabric.