Saturday, October 24, 2015

All Hands

The projects for this weekend are just me finishing up hand work on various projects. The work of getting ready for Winter Solstice is still work no matter how it looks. These are projects that go out first for the holidays, and then when they are finished, I can get back to the aprons. I seem to be singing the praises of the Lil Twister tool and haven't even touched the regular size one yet.

I wanted to make a wintery looking one so made the larger one working to do the light-dark-light contrast. And with it, when the cuts are made, come smaller squares to make up yet another smaller size. These both have been machine stitched for the binding, and wait to be turned, pinned and hand stitched. The smaller one is a Befana gift and the larger one goes to my 3 Great-Nieces. I had some scraps of a horizontal print that worked as long as the light sections and the dark sections were opposite from each other. I do like how they both are looking.

Mini quilts are nice to just toss here and there for additional decor whether they go on a table or across the back of a chair. What is nice about this frosty blue look is that they are more about Winter and can stay out through the end of January as Winter takes hold in Minnesota.

I saw a larger scrappy quilt made with the small twists. If the larger template has leftover cuts that leave 5" squares, then I am in business to make something quite spectacular. However, I am getting ahead of myself. My work is hands on just getting these done first. Planning comes later. The small squares only measure 2.25" and that might mean the leftover from the 10" larger template will not quite be enough.