Monday, October 5, 2015


I finished hand quilting the sashing on my Grandson's quilt. Next is the first border done the same way.

I learned the person I send the 12 Days of Christmas box to this year is struggling with a major health set-back. I changed out Day #10, and made her a small folding book of affirmations. I am much into affirmations for myself that this seemed natural. There are two sides to the book so the other side has 5 too. It accordian folds and can be stood up. I printed off 2" square phrases.

I did get outside to work in the gardens, pulling weeds. And I made Split Pea Soup because there is a damp chill in the air.

It was fun to see Rico curled up on his new bed next to the window. Last night, he about went crazy because of a Raccoon at the pond and near the window. Then, of course, he is still taking my leather quilting thimbles to bat around so that I have to hunt for them. 

I wanted to make a little something to go with the half apron I made for a swap without adding more detailed work to my plate. Making those mug rugs from one cut of fabric seems to be my answer. I made a couple for my friend in MN who gave me some scraps from her Mother's estate that I really loved, and have continued the process for ones I have been making lately.

Next year is the year I 'kit' out my fabrics and patterns. I plan to make a number of holiday gifts in advance and set them aside for mailing at the end of the year. It is my hope to do something a bit more complex than what I had time for this year. Only four quilts are family designated for next year. The rest of my projects will get finished as far as possible without a deadline. It will be a good year.

I pulled out the quilting magazines with holiday patterns in them, as well as some smaller projects. Its exciting to have a goal in using up fabric in creative ways.