Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Changing My Mind

After laundering Jake's quilt and giving it a cool press, I turned my attention to the aprons. AND I CHANGED MY MIND. Both Granddaughters are not really settled in their lives and so having an apron, which is so very domestic, might not work for them. I think they can go in the bin for next year and be higher on my list of things to make.

My attention for the coming month will be for paper projects, including the dollar rolls, the little package in the photo. It looks like there are about 20 bills rolled up in the baggie and mine might hold a dozen bills (closer to 10 and not to 20) for the little Great-Nephews and Great-Nieces. The teller gave me a pack of ones to get started on, and said they only get new bills around Thanksgiving for gifts. 

The two Color Catchers did catch some loose dyes for the International Sampler, and my plan is to send them along with a few more for the next wash. I am really a fan of how they work. This way, Jake's Daddy can see what they did and be more committed to using them. Some people always pre-wash quilts they give to others and I usually do not.