Friday, October 2, 2015

Swap Expectations

Sometimes our own lives seem so overwhelming that we give little thought to the realities others must face. Most online swaps are meant to connect us to others so we can create something we think they will like. However, that is based upon the premise that people communicate, and they don't always do that.

I am finishing up the swaps for September so that I can turn my attention to my personal projects. One of the last ones was for a WTA (Winner Take All) and the theme of 'haunted houses'. Because I don't know the recipient, and because I like making simple mug rugs to practice various stitches, I just made one with a cut of fabric and a diagonal grid for the machine stitch. Its actually cute and would be something anyone might enjoy. 

I want to get it done and in Saturday's mail so it gets to her in time to enjoy this month for Hallows, so kept it simple. I can finish the hand binding tonight.