Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Autumn Chills

If anything is comforting when the weather starts to get colder, it is snuggling under one of my quilts and an afghan over it that one of my Aunties made decades ago. I had some tea, and a cat who found his place and held me down for a little while. Painting the two doors and leaving them open so the edges could dry, brought a shocking chill inside. Its down to 45 degrees tonight and I love an open window in my bedroom. I make good use of those comfort quilts.

There are two borders to my Grandson's quilt. I've got two sides hand quilted on the first one. Nothing fancy. I've heard many a comment from other quilters regarding quilts going to kids. My family has always snuggled under blankets, throws, comforters and quilts. Each child has gotten their share of all those versions and knows how to treat them. Working on a quilt also is comforting. It connects me to the recipient in a joyful way.

I finished up with the September swaps and the last two are ready to ship out sometime next week. 
My computer is headed off to the shop to check out the fan. It is overheating and getting sluggish. I paid close to 2K about 7-8 years ago when I was still teaching. I don't really need the bells and whistles any more and will most likely purchase a less expensive PC. It is a quilting tool of sorts because it is either running an audiobook from You Tube, or some movies & TV episodes that I download while at my quilting tasks. Also, I have quilting pics of projects that I have finished and some that give me ideas for one I want to make. I research all sorts of things, and am on a few social media sights. 

I find that it is easy to get distracted and need the list I have on the sidebar of this blog to remind me of what my plans are for quilting, for paper projects and even the holiday gifts. We live in an electronic age, but what happens to all this information when the computer goes down? I used to panic when it was needed for my work. However now, it seems more like a toy than a tool. I felt that way the first time I took my quilting machine in for a tune-up. Now, I simply plan for down times.

Ah well, I am turning, ever turning to the holiday gifts I want to finish. And in truth, I do have a hand-written note-to-self. This might be the best tool in quilting and life I found.