Friday, October 23, 2015

And Then....

With all quilting comes the maintenance, the cleaning of the machine, the loading of bobbins, re-folding fabric, winding bobbins and cleaning off the workstation. Its part of the process that must be done and takes time. And just when I thought that I could take pictures of things that matter, it was apparent that seeing dust out of the machine and onto a Q-tip was un-pretty.

 One of the tree wall-hangings is green and one is brown, finished here. The green one's binding is half finished & will be completed when I watch the next TV episode for one of my favorite shows. Then the sleeves need some hand sewing and the rod goes through and is assembled to hang. Oh, and one last thing. Little decorations go on the trees. Forgot about them. I might need to take a trip to the big city to find some sort of charms or buttons for them. The entire gift of a mini quilt on the rod gets rolled up and can be stored in the shipping box with other holiday decorations. Like our real trees, whether cut from a tree farm or synthetic & stored in a box, ornaments cover up the bare spots or less than perfect branches, and bring an aura of festivity. The bag with the rod set up can be mounted on a wall, but also a person can hang the whole set-up over an existing piece of art work. They measure 24" x 27". I am sure my Sons will find a way to make them work. 

I have two more holiday table toppers to do and then onto the aprons and cookbooks. Eeehah!