Sunday, October 4, 2015

Granny Square Quilt

I found a pattern that calls for a LOT of those 2.5" squares I have cut. Last night and this morning, I sorted out what I need for 20 blocks. My plan was to get them all cut, put them into a container with the pattern and call it a kit for 2016.

I remember the Granny Square Afghans people crocheted with yarn scraps, but never learned how to crochet, so was overjoyed to find this as a quilt pattern. The idea of this quilt is to make it block by block and have each be random. Random is for those more artistic and free quilters. I need to have structure even though it will turn out to look more random than I think. 

Other photos of this quilt with the more freely selected squares don't appeal to me. I will be using a dark purplish for the outside of the block, the sashing and border. I have that dark purplish in my stash so do not need to buy anything for this project. The pattern called for 2 yards for the background and I have 4, so would do a small border or piping and finish with more of the dark purplish for the final border and maybe even the binding.

I sorted out the squares for 20 blocks. The tops here are the darks, then underneath are 4 medium colors and under those are 8 lights. The blocks are made on the diagonal with the purplish color as they go, so I will need to like each set up as I go or replace it. 

What I found is that I have a plethora of darker scraps and need to make sure I cut more of the lighter ones for the various projects. I wish I knew the actual quote regarding how much time you spend piecing vs. cutting. Cutting is a huge part of the quilting work as is the color selection and layout. Well, this is ready to be 'kitted'. And yes, I plan to write a note-to-self included with the printed pattern.