Tuesday, October 27, 2015

International Sampler Quilt

I was able to finish binding the quilt. This means all the holiday gifts that need to go out the week before T-day are completed and I can relax. Aprons and cookbooks are next. As I found out last time I was in to mail, the PO deadline for shipping-on-time-for-the-holidays is December 11, which means there is a little over 5 weeks remaining to get those two projects done. Its not that I can slack off because one of them isn't even cut out.

This quilt has proven to be difficult to photograph. Its one row longer than most lap quilts and is about the size of a twin. However, this is a good idea of what the blocks ended up looking like together. Before sending it, I want to round up the notes from my partners that were with each block they sent. And as a last part of sending this, it will go in the washer today with a couple of Color Catchers, just to make sure the colors don't bleed. After it is dry, I will check seams and look for loose threads. I am pleased with the green for the sashing and binding. The outside border is a golden fabric with Cardinals on it. Everything looks like it was planned!

I scrounged around the house and shifted some boxes so I don't need as many as I thought. I had a good size box that was holding those cut snippets of fabric, so made Rico another cat bed, which he claimed right away. I'll make a run later this afternoon and stop at one of the fabric stores in town. The owner tosses the boxes she gets out her back door and they are perfect. They are clean, free of adds outside the box and lighter weight.