Tuesday, October 13, 2015


The outside contractor finished up today but the computer guy didn't show up. And, I had a second appointment with that Chinese Medical Massage treatment. He really did deep work today and I am wasted. Two weeks, next time, NEEDLES. Its so fun not to speak to each other. Serves me right for avoiding Chinese lessons. I had the chance.

I spent time getting ready for my trip tomorrow. Disneyland's Halloween Party, Downtown Disney, California Adventure, and best of all, the USMarine bootcamp graduation for my Grandson. The 8 hour drive home on Friday could get longer if there is traffic. It will be amazing to see both those boys!

I turned back to the small projects again and worked on a couple of them that are made with 5" charm squares and the Lil Twister. Scraps come from cutting and I am making smaller table toppers. I am experimenting as I go.