Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October Swaps

I was able to finish the Swap-bot swaps for October and am getting them ready to ship out. Some of the other things I worked on while my computer was in the shop are not finished so I will wait to get pics when they are. Unfortunately, the news for the computer is that it might last another month...maybe. The guy said he can build me a desktop computer and get a good deal on laptops. I want to be pro-active about it rather than get into crisis management. Looks like the fridge is going too. Most mechanical things seem to be made to last around 5 years, so here they are.

This is another experiment using the Lil Twister. It was supposed to be a Samhaim/ Hallows/ Shadowfest altar cloth. I have a bag of black and white scraps that I pulled from and then used traditional colors for the directions. Brown for North; Yellow for East; Red for South; Blue for West. They are not the colors I might use, but are pretty common.

I used a solid black for the back in the event the recipient wants to set it out for mundane usage. The scraps I had set the pattern for me. First of all, it takes 5" squares, so working with the solid black first, then I found what would go on either side and out. I put two whites on either end that felt balanced to me. I like how it turned out.

Rex got her apron. I sent her my witchy hat with purple 'hair'. I also shipped off my cape to one of my Granddaughters. People in southern Cali are literally frightened of witches and so the response when I wore the costume was met was horror from grown people and children. A costume of any nature should be fun not that scary when the intention is for fun. Rex liked it as a complete costume (kitchen witch) for the party this weekend. I was glad to get it done on time.

With Amy's Cat quilt in the store waiting to get long-armed, I can focus on the remaining holiday gifts; Jake's, the two tree wallhangings, and the two aprons. I do have one more swap which is for the House Blocks (one for me, one for her for each month).  I brought out some bags of scraps and began cutting them into smaller squares. I would really like to get through all of the bags so that I can select them for the 2016 comfort quilts. 

It is good to be back home, and good to have a computer!