Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Computer Returning This Morning

While it is not back yet, I did get a text saying it would be dropped off by 10:30 this morning. I had been thinking that since I retired, it had become a sort of toy. Yet, without it, I realize that it serves me in other ways. It has my only address book, which I need to change, and keeps track of the quilting work I do. It is a link to the outside world for me, including weather and news.

In one way, taking this machine for granted is no different than taking for granted a relationship with a person. Oh sure, I could get along without it and find other ways to get done what needs to be done, just like we do survive the loss of our relationships. Life does change and we do adapt.

Amy's Cat Quilt is going to the store to wait in line for the long arm quilting. I won't take a picture of it til its finished. But what a relief to have it all done, in spite of feeling like it is the worst thing I have ever made. Maybe Debbie's can fix it enough to make it a bit more presentable.

I plan to make ready three swap-bot exchanges to mail by Wednesday, and then focus on the remaining Winter Solstice gifts going to family. I really haven't lost time working, just haven't had a computer to record the progresses.