Saturday, October 31, 2015

Excuses, Excuses

I'm not making any for what I did today. I bought items for six projects! First of all, I went to Bakersfield for a medical appointment and stopped at JoAnn's. You know the store. The one where you get really great coupons and then everything is on sale for 25%. I went in to buy buttons for the tree wallhangings, and those egg-shaped styros to make a couple of holiday ornaments.

After I got back to town, I stopped in at the fabric store to get 1/3 yard of the blue I needed for Jake's Bird Quilt sashing (originally, I didn't get enough) and bought several FQ's in blue. I am working on a blue and white sampler quilt, plus that Diamond Dash quilt. I'll cut them up into the pieces needed for all three projects. It just really bites not to have the right colors or amounts and I get to thinking I can quilt until I need to shop.

The basket is part of a bday gift for my Daughter-in-Law and will make a nice holder for the small things I bought her. Lots to work on for the next few weeks.

Some of the packages were 'findings' for the two wallhangings. I started sewing them on and only have half of one of the trees on. So glad I started early.