Thursday, October 22, 2015

Winter Solstice Projects

After getting Amy's Cat quilt to the long-armer, a sense of relief took over for at least a nano-second. Then I realized that while I have been working on the smaller projects for Winter Solstice 2015, now, the heat is on.

Years ago, I found a tree wallhanging pattern and made several for Nieces and a Nephew, and had two left that were supposed to go to my two Sons. I never finished those two and this is the year they go out. The centers were pieced and that was it! Now, each of them has two borders and a simple diagonal grid, with a stitch-in-the-ditch where the borders are joined. They need sleeves attached to the back. With the previous projects, I could not find cafe rods and improvised with wooden dowels. This time, I shopped early and found black wrought iron cafe rods, as well as postal mailing tubes. They are going to be stunning. 

My holiday quilt projects (from full quilts to these mini ones) need to be shipped out the week before Thanksgiving so they can be used or set out during the month of December. So I am finishing up the hand quilting on Jake's.

Other projects can be shipped out closer to Winter Solstice. My family is in the habit of opening the mail right away. I know that, so regular gifts can wait. The PO says that things need to be shipped by 12-11 to get there on time and I will be ready. I need to start looking for shipping boxes and that means pulling everything out, wrapping them tight and making care instruction copies and including some Color Catchers. And its not even Hallows.