Saturday, October 10, 2015

Money Gifts

The computer guy picked mine up this afternoon to check it out. As that happens, I may not be online for awhile. It will give me a chance to catch up on various smaller quilting projects. Also, I am headed south for several days, so do not expect to be online all of this coming week. When I return, I should have plenty to share.

Last year when I made money gifts, I found styro tree-forms. It was laborious to fold the bills in fan shapes and bobbi pin them to the form. Some of the kids on my list will only get money, so I wanted to find clever ideas. When I don't send a wrapped gift, I try to forward the shipping costs to the kid, so essentially, they benefit. Yet, a clever presentation is so much more appealing than a card with money in it. Kids need to think outside the box and it is the adults in their lives who show them how it might be done.

After about a half an hour of research, I settled on this site: how-to-give-money-creatively.html I made a mock sample based on their example. It works for the teens and especially for the two who will get a goodly amount of bills. However, there are several younger kids on my list, so I kept looking. Giving money to the younger generation relieves me of trying to come up with something I can make with fabric. 

While I am not skilled with paper crafting, these are things I CAN make. I found this image (no directions needed) for some of the youngest kids and would substitute 'Birthday' for 'Solstice'. I've often heard that when you give a gift to one child in a household, the other(s) need to get the same thing. 

That is also true with giving quilts. Over the years, I made sure to hold back quilts if the others were WIPs.

And the last image I found was for $10 gifts made with rolls of quarters. I LOVE this idea though might only use wrapping paper and be done with it. Getting quarters isn't as much fun as getting the bills, so I will think on this for awhile before going to the bank. I might just go with the 

With all these money gifts in mind, I can more easily budget for holiday expenses, and not tax my brain for what to make or what to send the younger generation on my list. And of course, there will be quilts going out as well. 

See you soon!