Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Several months ago, I took in a cat who needed a new home. The baby in his house was so allergic. It was hard for them to part with him, and just as hard for me to adjust to having him around. I've always believed we set our rules in place for how we want to be treated and how we treat others.

This cat is like a little kid wanting to distract me whenever I am deep into a project. I identify as an Audio-Kinesthetic-Visual learner. Under that profile, I am a person who needs to hear someone ask for my attention rather than to come up and put their claws into the corner of my chair! He is learning to use his 'meow voice'.

I am also a person who doesn't want to say no to those in my care, if I can help it. It was time to make one of those pet beds. I sorted the bits and pieces that were cut from various projects, tossed the odd ends of batting and made a pillow form out of the fleece. AND I pulled out long fabric strips in the box that was right for that Gypsy Orphan quilt. I feel so environmentally conscientious about using every bit and piece of fabric!

The little bed went together easily. It had to lay around for a few minutes for him to want to be on it and later today, I 'll put it on the table behind the machine that sits in front of a West window. He is the sort of being who likes having his own space and likes being where the action is. 

I will continue saving the bits and pieces and make up another one when this one gets over-used. I don't mind tossing it once it has served its purpose.