Thursday, October 29, 2015

Comfort Quilts for 2016

Last night I started another of the Comfort Quilts I would like to make in 2016. It is a way for me to use up the scrappy squares I've cut in various sizes. I had been thinking what I will do is ask folks to 'nominate' someone in their lives whom they think would enjoy a quilt, and who moreover needs the comfort snuggling under it would bring.

This is the first one I made from 10" squares using the Twister template. Luckily, there is a pattern to go by in the packaging that gives the amount of squares used, as well as what is needed for the first and second borders and backing. I was surprised how hard it was to come up with 36 blocks that coordinate. Obviously, folks who want to buy more fabric would take the easy way out and purchase a Layer Cake package from all the manufacturers out there. Then, everything coordinates without having to think about it. I discovered that its like auditioning what I have both for which colors will work as well as how much I have in the bins.

Its really important to me to use what I have on hand. And funny thing is, it seems like so much; That is, until I go looking for fabrics that coordinate. It made a dent in the holiday bin and yet there is a lot more to use up. (I just got contributions from two friends that were snapped up in this project...thanks to both of you again.)

I also found a quick pattern tutorial called diamond-dash-quilt that is also incredibly easy and would use up a lot more of those 10" squares. Key to this one is gathering and coordinating squares and purchasing the solid sashing and a focus fabric. I am thinking that I will try it in blues with a white sashing and some gorgeous blue & white border.

Yes, I see that it is probably long-arm quilted or has that free motion on the smaller machine. I am not sure how I will handle quilting at this point. First things first. I want to get projects going that I can do and if that means only finishing the tops for this coming year, then so be it. The more options I find, the easier it will be for me to stay on point with the concept.

When I go through the bins again, I suspect that there will be other comfort quilts waiting for the big finish. One such is a scrappy golf quilt I made with leftovers from two quilts that went out this year. I really want to try my hand at free motion quilting on it.

I've been trying to come up with ideas for how to give them away as comfort. While there are plenty of organizations that take those kinds of quilts, my first thought is to pay close attention to people I know who could feel the value of one around them. Yes, I could ask for folks to nominate someone, or even hold a raffle. Not sure yet. I have a feeling there will be a lot of personal growth in this project for me.