Monday, October 26, 2015

Making a Life

Lately, my experiences show me how I make my life. Not a living by working and getting paid. I guess I never put a lot of value in that process even when I was actively living it. What I mean is how I make my life by what I do that brings me joy and maybe brings a smile to the lives of others. That is making a life.

I am at the stage or age in life where people around me are lifting off this plane of existence and moving on. I believe in re-incarnation and so believe that we transition and will see each other again. Especially if we have work to do together. I am not saying that it doesn't hurt to have someone leave, because it does. I am not saying it isn't scary to think of leaving myself, because it is.

What I am saying is that sooner or later things change and the real option we have is to make the best of every day and every relationship. Jake's quilt is almost finished. Soon enough, it will get wrapped for shipping and go off to him. Like most quilts I make, there are two sides to it. Mostly, what is seen is the back with all those cardinals. Cardinals to remind him of me, of times we stopped to listen and look for them.

As I worked on the quilt, I discovered a few seams that needed reinforcing and KNOW that because of the nature of this work, over time, the seams will come undone, ravel and make it look worn. I call this loving to shreds. 

Books have been written that show us how this happens. And yet, in this culture, we forget sometimes.

The first quilt I made is fading and starting to fray. It is really cozy-comfy and in colors I LOVE. Yet, with all the ones I continue to make, I wonder if I will make another one and toss this one away?