Monday, October 12, 2015

Still Waiting

I hoped that the computer guy would call this morning, but is after Noon and nadda. I am also waiting on a guy to come to do some outside repair. My blog today will seem rather like reading gray matter, but it is what it is.

Small towns are interesting to live in, especially when it comes to services. On the plus side, they seem to charge less, and on the downside, they have little concept of time and keeping appointments, or communicating their plans. I am using my partner's laptop so will not have pictures to share yet today.

I made a lot of progress on the Halloween apron I am creating for my friend Rex. I am turning the neck ties and waistband as soon as I finish writing here, and then all that is left is the final assembly of the pieces. I am pleased with it.

Then I put two borders on the two Tree Wallhangings I am making for my Sons. I need to find backing for them and then get them basted and machine quilted as my next step. They really turned out great. I made so many at once because they are a scrappy pattern. The project had been started a couple of years ago and last year I gave the ones I made to most of my Nieces and Nephews. (I will have pics as soon as I get my computer)

And then I started working on a LaBefana swap with my Strega Sisters. I have it assembled and ready to cut with the Lil Twister. Then it needs to be sewn together again with all the finishing steps. Our gifts get mailed no later than December 15 so they arrive in time for the Festa, which is January 6. (Pics when I can)

Next, is Amy's quilt, my endless project.

Tuesday I have an appointment for a Medical Massage from a Chinese therapist in town. We are unable to speak one another's language, but he sure knows his trade. I am hoping to get an energy boost for my trip to Disneyland, California Adventure and the USMarine Bootcamp Graduation. Morever, its actually an 8-hour drive home, but its on a Friday, so I am expecting the trip to take much longer.