Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bird is the Word

Hawk came to the bird feeder this morning. Splendid bird. It sat on the neighbor's roof and then the fence, waiting. When birds finally came, Hawk swooped and dove, and then flew away, so I wasn't sure if it scored a meal or not. 

However, it made me realize that I have put off finishing my Bird Quilts far too long. I brought out the bin to see what was in there and how good my 'notes-to-self' were. It was surprising to see that the notes were only what was left to do, and I could figure that part out, however, if someone else was going to look at this project, none of them had notes on them saying who got which one.

I have one sitting left to finish the binding on the grad quilt and have some errands to run in town. But it is time to work on these bird quilts. It is possible that the embroidered squares / blocks need reinforcing but until I look at what I have with more skilled eyes, I will not know what my next steps are with them.

What I do know is that I cannot leave them unfinished any longer. This was the first of my quilting goals and the first of my quilting projects. And it is time.

I need to look at them critically and mindfully, and get on with it. This is an important project I started decades ago with the embroidery.