Saturday, March 19, 2016

Scrappy Backs

I feel like I have been apologizing to 'someone' if even only myself that I am shopping from my closet to make up this year's projects. I am not, though I cannot argue with my feelings about it. After finishing the top for that Autumn Heart quilt, I dug out the fabric bins to sort out coordinating colors. It wasn't as easy as one thinks. 

I decided to go shades of green with the back, though the front was primarily browns. I took the largest pieces of fabric I had to start with and just kept adding until it measured about 70-some inches square. There was one piece of a bird print that seemed to tie the other colors together, and offers a bit of interest. I actually like it for a back. However, before it gets basted together, I might just open my bins again and see what it is there in browns.

Quilting can be like breaking out of other people's opinions about what a back is supposed to look like. When I first started, what I saw for backs of quilts was either a plain muslin or one print that covered the back. Then I saw people doing what I am doing...making use of what they had on hand. The final look is one of having a completely different quilt made with a pattern as if it were a top. I have gone that route too.

My truth today is that my personal quilting world is made up of my attitudes, energy, passion and skills. I can still only do what only I can do.