Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Little Fox

There is great wisdom and power in growing to the point where silence becomes our friend. All the best secrets can only be learned in silence. We cannot really run from ourselves and the truth that exists within us. If we really listen, we learn that we are good individuals. There is much within us that is noble and lovely to behold.

I not only am unable to run, and as long as I am healing and sitting still, all that is left to me is to listen to my own soul. While Fox is not a Spirit Guide I usually work with, I am happy to have had this experience.

I finished the Fox mini mat. It will come with all sorts of research that I did, some teas and even a Labyrinth mug. This took me several days and nights to embroider. Sometimes I felt like Arya Stark, ever so clumsy with my needle work. I pulled out the bag of black print scraps and found this lovely print to complement it front and back, and made the binding of it too.

Additionally, I made her some business cards to use in Swap-bot that have a Fox glyph with her contact information. I love the package and hope she will too. 

One of the things included in the package is THE FOX PRAYER.
I call on Fox 
Shapeshifter and Trickster 
Edge-walker and Messenger 
Help me blend with my surroundings 
And adapt to changing landscapes 
Show me the hidden paths between the worlds 
Teach me the ways of invisibility and camouflage 
Give me your keen senses 
That I might see more of what is around me 
And use it to accomplish my goals. 
I call on you Fox 
To bring magick and discernment into my life 
Lead me at your steady gait to those places 
Where I might to the greatest good 
Let us walk the borders between day and night 
And follow the scent of Divine mischief 
Fox, I call on you.