Thursday, March 10, 2016

Grad Quilt Finish

The quilt measures 85x85, so is a bit larger than most. Life is a series of letting go, and as this young woman prepares for college away from home, they will all learn what it means, yet again. All things, all people are given to us on loan. Then what we have is measured out in terms of success, failure, sorrow, joy, support, betrayal, enlightenment or confusion. Once we learn to let go, we also are prepared for what comes next. We must let go to experience that adventure.

A sampler quilt has these lessons in it and with any sort of luck, I will be able to write the story with it, for it. Each block is different in design and in color, even though the colors coordinate and will be seen throughout. This photo doesn't do the quilt justice in its beauty. And the fat quarters I chose were primarily shades of red! Yet, it shows orange and brown, which is perfectly ok with me. The back is a red flannel. 

The last step is to make and attach a label with her name, my name and the quilt's name with the date. I decided to ship it to myself there rather than try to tote it with me on the plane. Its just too large and stands the chance of getting damaged.

I'd like to make another sampler some day, and do plan to use the framing technique before sashing. I love how that turned out.

And now onto the bird quilts. They represent a sort of letting go for me as well. My connection to my maternal Grandmother has always been key to that work. And I guess, letting go of my Sons and their children is vital as well.