Sunday, March 27, 2016

Shopping is Required

While it is important for me to use what I have, there is a part that brings me to recognize I need more than what I have and it is perfectly ok to go out and get it.

Over the years, I have learned that everything goes on sale sooner or later. I also learned that the bigger sales come on the mundane holiday weekends. Luckily I was able to go down to Palmdale in the afternoon on the way to a party in LA. Batting was on a 50% sale. So many of my projects are at the stage of needing batting so they can be finished. I will cut out for quilts and use leftovers for the wallhangings/table toppers and even mug rugs. As it is now, I have only small scraps.

I needed rotary blades, which were also 40% off and some Royal Blue embroidery floss for a Winter Solstice project. There was a 20% coupon for the entire purchase. It was a good day to shop, and I am set for some time. I plan to make the embroidery tracings for the Winter Solstice project and take them with me when I go to Minnesota in June. 

I have an embroidery stabilizer that is printed on and ready to transfer. So that is my project for now. Just to get it ready for the trip. I realize its months away, but planning is part of who I am.