Monday, March 14, 2016

Fear Holds Us Back

We cannot always control what happens to us, even when we plan things out to the finest detail. 

I've been working on making these embroidered blocks for decades. It started out with 2 quilts for my Sons, and embroidering all the 50 state birds and flowers times two; one set for each Son. Well, they grew up, got married and I never finished them. So then, there were Grandchildren. Five by blood and two by sharing their blood line. In order to have 15 blocks per quilt for the seven of them, I needed to embroider 5 more blocks. Did that. Then I was given a simple sashing with cornerstone pattern, and borders. Did that too. Made backing (for 5 of them so far). 

This morning, I basted two of them. For Sisters. This pink tulip for the border, with pastels goes to the child with a Spring birthday. Its got pinks on the back.

I calculated that I could get two of these quilts from one queen size batting and it did work, even though it was 'cutting it close'.

Her older Sister's quilt is done with pink roses for her Summer birthday and because her middle name is Rose. Each block has a banner in the pattern, and were embroidered with the color of the cornerstones. They were left until the end.

I've really had a hard time getting them to this stage, and the hard time was born out of so many fears. I am not sure what changed, but I am moving forward with the project and would like to see it finished by the end of this year so they can get shipped out.

  • One fear is that the white of the blocks would fray & the quilt would fall apart
  • Another fear is that the recipient would not appreciate the work
  • Or would not like the colors I selected for them
  • Yet another fear is that the quilt would get ruined as they used it
  • Or get lost.
And so, they sat in a bin without going to the next stage of being basted. At least now, I have started that step with the first two quilts.

I discovered that there are two quilts without backs yet, so that, along with more batting is the next purchase. I have faced my fears and know that whatever happens to these quilts once they leave my hands is out of my control.