Sunday, March 6, 2016

By Choice or By Chance

When I woke today, I thought it was Monday. My shopping spree presented an alternative time zone, I guess. I took the grad quilt off my big quilting loom, laid it on my bed to see how the borders would be hand quilted. Four corners for one template, and 11 times down each side in between.

I've made these fleece tie throws several times over the years. They are great for kids who can drag them over the floor, invite their animal friends to play with them, and spill food or beverages. They wash easily and while they provide a different kind of warmth, they provide warmth.

This one goes to a 7-year-old who is my Granddaughter's step-child. The little grrrlie-grrl gets such a kick out of getting mail from her 'Great-Grandmother' in Cali. 

Relationships are so very different right now. People form their families by choice and often do not take legal or religious steps to confirm their choices. Kids of these adults still experience families by chance and can be accepted or rejected for reasons having little or nothing to do with them.

I chose the children, whether by blood, marriage or as an outlaw.